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These fun and sporty ride tours offer opportunities for off-bike access to historical sites, special events, roads and bike paths of the city centre. A different way of sightseeing of Edinburgh, recommended for everyone!

Scotland is one of the best mountain bike playgrounds you’ve ever seen. This end of the UK is teeming with high singletrack race, forests, valleys, unforgettable lakes and meadows.

What are you waiting for?

The Adventure bike tour is about experiencing the best riding that Scotland has to offer. Challenging routes and some of the best landscape you can discover.
We have researched only the most exciting cycle routes for a trip you’ll never forget!

Take Any of Our Tours Private

You want to discover Edinburgh and it’s surroundings or specific areas of Scotland in your own way?

You want to adapt the program to your needs?

Our know-how allows us to study and enrich your request for your exclusive customized bike trip.

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We are the ideal partner for all trips: train station and airport transfers,
airport shuttles, bike shuttles, and taxi transport you to your destination
in Edinburgh or around Scotland.

This is an amazing experience.

5/5 Stars.

This is an amazing experience. The land and hills/forest are amazing. The people are fantastic! Riccardo is an incredible coach and motivator, he’ll improve your skill set in mere minutes. Do not pass up this opportunity!

Jason (Texas, United States) July, 2018

A Little About Myself…

Riccardo has been riding, guiding and exploring in the European Alps for nearly a decade and also more recently around much of Scotland since moving to Edinburgh 5 years ago. You’ll struggle to find anyone with as much enthusiasm for finding new trails as Riccardo & as a keen mountaineer you won’t find anyone more experienced and capable to show you the wild places he loves.

Riccardo is a professional qualified UK guide and he is always up to date with courses and training (MTB leadership, Outdoor first aid, Child protection in sport activities, etc).