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Have It Your Way!

Our Private Tours are a fun, active way to discover Edinburgh and Scotland. They’re also a great way to recover from jet lag and enjoy some exercise in the fresh Scottish air!

Tell us a bit about where you want to go and what you want to do, we can help build something for you and your group. Looking to go on an adventure or just a comfortable ride through Scotland’s nature, culture? We have a tour to suit!

Why choose a Private Tour?

  • Because your party includes children under 13
  • Because you are a large group
  • Because you want enjoy a tour for yourself only…
  • Because you want to customise the itinerary or timetable.


Some optional benefits that your private tour can include are: transportation, restaurant reservations and of course! – the chance to let you follow your own pace.

Half day, full day and multi-day privately guided bike tours are available.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our mission is to inspire people to explore Scotland, ride and discover it’s beautiful nature by bike.

Here’s a list of our Private Only Tours:

Some of our Previous Tours

Our Other Tours

These fun and sporty ride tours offer opportunities for off-bike access to historical sites, special events, roads and bike paths of the city centre. A different way of sightseeing of Edinburgh, recommended for everyone!

Scotland is one of the best mountain bike playgrounds you’ve ever seen. This end of the UK is teeming with high singletrack race, forests, valleys, unforgettable lakes and meadows.

What are you waiting for?

The Adventure bike tour is about experiencing the best riding that Scotland has to offer. Challenging routes and some of the best landscape you can discover.
We have researched only the most exciting cycle routes for a trip you’ll never forget!