2 to 2.30 hours
(3 to 3.5 hrs incl. pick up & drop off)
Length: 11.5 miles
(18.5 km)

Union Canal, Bruntsfield Links, Arthur’s Seat, Duddiston Natural Reserve, Innocent Railway Path.


Prices Per Person

Standard (Hybrid)
Pedal Assisted Electric Bike
Bring Your Own Bike

Starting from the west side of the city, following the Union Canal and heading through Bruntsfield Links, a public golf course which is the second oldest golf course in the world, situated in one of the most popular and well known areas of the city.

Following the route we are passing through the Meadows Park (the main park of the city centre) to reach the famous dormant volcano, Arthur’s Seat, which from his majesty is watching the city from above.

We’ll do the 360° loop of the site and then reach the “Secret Garden” (Duddingston Village) where we’ll stop for a wee brake just beside the magnificent Duddingston Loch, surrounded by the ancient village that was settled in the 14th century. After the “pit stop” Ricky is going to take you back to the Old Town through the famous “Innocent Railway Path”.

Our guided tour is surrounded by stunning nature & offers some truly breathtaking views of the city & landscape

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